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Rising Embers Sauna

Sauna x Plant Plant Medicine with Apothecary Forager

Sauna x Plant Plant Medicine with Apothecary Forager

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Rising Embers x Apothecary Forager’s herbalist Ruthie Weaver collaborate to bring a sauna and plant medicine meditation!!!

Saturday the 2nd of March (10:15am -1pm)

Working with one of the great ‘Aphrodisiac herbs. Aphrodisiac medicinal agents that support cardiovascular relaxation and dilation- this allows for better movement of blood to the periphery which stimulates the sweat reflex.

Ruthie will introduce you to plant medicine, how it works, why it works and offer you an amazing experience where you will receive a medicinal infusion and a time for deepening to truly connect with your body and the plant subject of study.

After drinking the herbal infusion, Ruthie will guide you into a sensory plant medicine meditation where you will be encouraged to tune into your senses and channel information from the plants through your own senses. There are 7 different tastes which all indicate different chemical compounds - each with their own medicinal actions. 

This session is a deep dive into plant medicine and will be held in Penzance at Ruthies home apothecary just 1 minute walk from Rising Embers sauna and then at the sauna for a 45 minute sweat an ancient practice to help fully activate your body's self regulating healing system and integrate the plant medicine. Ending with a cold swim to close the pores and end the practice.
This study gives you a unique and personal connection with the information learnt and offers life long skills that enable us to understand the properties of herbs (and also foods) purely through the senses and our bodies innate ability to recognize the medicine of plants! 

No need for previous experience or knowledge in the subject, this session is suitable for first timers, seasoned herbal enthusiasts and medical professionals. Please come with a clear pallet (avoid strong drinks or foods half an hour before event start time). 

Bring a note book and pen/ pencil. Water bottle. Swim wear and towel!
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