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Rising Embers Sauna

Heat Contrast Therapy & WHM Breathwork facilitated by a Sauna Expert & an Official WHM Certified Lvl 2 Instructor.

Heat Contrast Therapy & WHM Breathwork facilitated by a Sauna Expert & an Official WHM Certified Lvl 2 Instructor.

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We are super excited to be offering a 4 hour workshop on Sunday 5th November 10am- 14:00 here in the heart of Penzance guiding you through Wim Hoff breath work, meditation, journaling, contrast therapy, cold water immersion and Sauna. Sam's Boot is our teacher and facilitator for the day and the focus for this event is with facilitating WHM Breathwork while sharing teachings obtained from Wim Hof directly, combining personal experiences, insights, exercises, breathing & visualisation techniques to help best utilise this unique healing medium; along with presenting some fascinating research and science to shed light on why the combination of Heat Contrast Therapy & Breathwork can be such powerful healing modalities & transformative teachers. For anyone wanting to access there most expansive self, dissolve there barriers to success, awaken there intuition, the hot and cold therapy is A powerful teacher for us all and with the guidance and safety of a fully qualified practitioner you can become the person you always knew you could be.



Sam founded Soul Sweats, a Health & Wellbeing company in 2019 from a deep desire to promote natural forms of self healing, health & wellbeing. He is a Certified Wim Hof Method Lvl 2 Instructor, a Natural Lifestyle Lvl 3 Coach & a Holistic Lifestyle Coach at the Chek Institute using his Permaculture Design Certification to create unique events & workshops, some of which have been featured in The Times Newspaper, Daily Mail, Suitcase & Elle Magazine. He worked with organisations such as the NHS & the US Special Airforce. His ethos surrounds the interconnectedness of life and that through conscious consistent practice with various modalities such as Breathwork, Cold Therapy, Restorative Movement, Grounding, Contrast Heat Therapy, Sound Healing, Meditation & High Vibrational Foods we can find a deeper connection to our inner & outer worlds and thus attain the profound benefits this connection has to offer. He & his partner hold Retreats & Workshops on the coastal shores of Cornwall, UK, occasionally heading to their Farm & Retreat space in Playa Colorado, Nicaragua, CA.


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